Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We had the most hideous night, so much noise! Some drunken idiot downstairs in the courtyard bellowing his head off until the early hours. He was singing...... I reckon he would have had a lousy voice when sober, but drunk..... hideous!  Having seen the state us girls were in this morning, Grant arranged for us to move to another room, in a different section of the hotel.

The girls and I were too exhuasted to do the planned London Walk to see the Changing of the Guard. So Grant and Dad headed off to do that and we arranged to meet them later on at Hyde Park corner.

Grant and Dad thoroughly enjoyed the walk. I'm definitely going to do a couple of the walks next time.

We snoozed a bit and then took our time getting up and about. We left for Hyde Park a little early and while on the tube we decided that we’d quickly pop in at Harrods - you just can't keep us out of the shops! We went straight to the food hall and had a wander around there, buying a few bits and pieces. Then we went to the Sport floor – Paula was unimpressed because there was no hockey section!

We then went to the pet floor. Jeanne had suggested that we visit it and I am so glad that we did. Unbelievable! Four poster beds, 6 packs of “beer” for dogs, every kind of collar and leash imaginable (and unimaginable!) A whole section dedicated to cakes, cup cakes (pup cakes!) and cookies for pets – iced birthday cakes and all…. We walked around with our mouths hanging open. I was all for taking photos, but Rox restrained me.

Then we went to Hyde Park and took a little wander and watched the squirrels.

Once we had met the guys we went to the embankment area and walked across a bridge over the Thames. We had lunch in a restaurant and Paula and I found a lovely book stall and bought some books. Getting a bit concerned about the weight of our luggage!

Then we took a tube to Kensington and walked to Kensington Palace. We went into the palace and saw various displays, including Princess Diana’s dresses. We walked through the state apartments and saw all sorts of rooms, including the bedroom that Princess Victoria was sleeping in when she awoke to the news that she was queen. I just loved the formal garden at the palace, so beautiful.

Afterwards we sat in Kensington gardens, near the lake and watched the swans. Grant spent a lot of time trying to persuade a swan to pose for the camera.....

and eventually it co-operated.

We then had a drink at a pub and afterwards decided to go to the Indian restaurant near Paddington station that we had been to years ago for supper. Dad found it quite easily - he's got a good sense of direction that guy! Supper was lovely just as good as we remembered.

Then it was back to the hotel, to bed. No sooner had our heads hit the pillows and there were kids running amok, up and down the passages outside our rooms, banging on doors, yelling….. Rox, being more assertive and confrontational than I am, immediately phoned reception and complained. I phoned Grant and “dropped my load”, told him to get his well-rested ass over to our room to get some notion of what sleep-deprivation felt like! I'm nasty when my sleep is interferred with!! Grant and the unfortunate teacher in charge of the group of youngsters met in the passage and between them, sorted the problem out. Grant was all keen to head back to his peaceful bed, but I wouldn't let him, I had a feeling it was only a matter of time..... I gave Grant my bed and I climbed in with Paula and we again tried to sleep. It lasted all of 5 mins and the Spanish teenagers next door started performing, banging on the doors.... Grant was up and out of bed and banging on their door in a matter of seconds. They apologised profusely (I don't think they knew quite what had hit them, this large, irate South African, pretty much foaming at the mouth LOL!) After that it was relatively peaceful until about 5 am. Remind me never to stay in the Royal National hotel in London again….ever!

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