Thursday, July 9, 2009

We woke up at 6am with heavy hearts. I really don’t feel ready for this tour to end yet!

We set off for Calais, the drive went so quickly, just one loo stop and then we were at customs. We chatted to Gerry as we waited in the queue. Once through customs it all went very quickly and we said good-bye to Rudy our brilliant driver, and boarded the ferry.

The ferry ride was uneventful, we had sandwiches for lunch, did a bit of shopping and just sat about.

Once in Dover we boarded a different bus for our drive back to London. In what seemed like a very short time we were at the Trafalgar Reception Centre in Victoria which was where we had to say good-bye to our tour-mates and Gerry. Not nice! Rox got all teary and nearly got Paula and I going too.  She was teary eyed all the way to the train, such a softie!

We had to lug all our luggage onto the tube and in hefting my large and heavy suitcase onto the train, I bizarrely managed to drop my shoe between the tube and the platform. I failed to “Mind the Gap”!! Picture me - hopping around on one foot, clinging to the pole, like some kind of crazed and overweight pole-dancer. While Rox had to open her suitcase and sift through her dirty laundry on the floor of the tube to find me a shoe. Charming! The hill-billys come to town in glorious techni-colour….. A very weird and unfortunate end to our tour LOL!

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